World Around Me

The World Around Me

This unique course is designed with the objective of creating a sense of awareness and a sense of curiosity in children through enriched activities and specialized audio video content - all while having fun. 

Specially created for early primary-school goers, this course is designed to sensitize the child about their surroundings. When a child first starts seeing and noticing his surroundings, his eager mind is full of questions. A young child wants to know why the grass is green or why water has bubbles when boiled. Through this module we expose the child to basic concepts and help increase their general knowledge of key topics in a fun environment, thereby also building their propensity to learn.

This course blends various activities around science, nature, history and art & craft through weekly theme based activities.  For instance, if the children are being taught about the Solar System in class, they will also be taught to make planets out of little balls, how to name them, how to mimic a mini solar system and maybe learn a poem on the sun, etc. to reinforce the concepts learnt!

How it Helps?

Enhances child’s Curious Spirit 

Improves Overall Understanding of Surroundings 

Increases General Knowledge

Provides a solid base for School Subjects 

Improves overall retention when learning

How we Do it?

Conduct Practical Training on General Topics

Utilize Art and Craft elements to improve understanding

Demonstration and Exciting Experiments


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Parent Speak

I am really happy with the class. Adira has learnt many things. She enjoys thoroghly.  Improved in G.K. and vocabulary. The quiz conducted at the end of session was really good. 

Yashaswini, Pune

Vanishka really loved Cedarwood! Even if she isn't well she insists on coming for her Cedarwood Class - she even remembers which day she has classes. 

Shweta Das, Pune

I am very happy with Cedarwood classes. I really appreciate that you all put so much of energy. 

Reshma Patil, Pune

My daughter, Hea-Yun enjoyed a lot at Cedarwood while we were in Pune for 18 months. She has improved in English speaking and has more confidence than before. I am especially really satisfied with World Around Me, Phonics and Elocution classes. I thank you for all your effort. 

Seonju, S. Korea

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