Public Speaking and Reading Club

The Public Speaking and Reading Club module is part of an overall Communication Skills Enhancement plan for older children.  Research shows that successful people are effective oral communicators, persuasive and have the ability to influence people – skills that are honed through this course.  

This course improves children’s critical thinking skills, fine-tuning their verbal and nonverbal communication, and helps them overcome anxiety.

This module uses several interesting activities and techniques to make a child speak with more conviction and confidence in front of other people. Through Public Speaking exercises & activities and regular reading of age-relevant books, the program helps develop the child’s complete English speaking skills making them more confident and ardent orators.

How it Helps?

Enhances Reading Skills
Improves Pronounciation
Develops Vocabulary
Builds Self-Confidence
Builds verbal & non-verbal communication skills

How we Do it?

Highly qualified teachers train the child to read and speak smartly
Activities used to overcome stage fear
Relevant reading practice to control speed of speech
Give the Child an array of interesting Books to Explore and read
Conduct Practical sessions on book reviews
Special sessions on extempore speaking, famous speeches and group discussions


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Parent Speak

The Cedarwood experience is a breath of fresh air for parents (first) and then children. The entire team is an extended family and they instill values with a lot of positive vibes. They should be more visible in print and social media to help other parents benefit from this great learning experience.

Padma Bhamidiapati, Pune

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