Phonics & Reading Club

Phonics and Reading Club

This module is a foundation course for building effective reading skills for children in the pre-primary and primary age groups.  Phonetics or Phonics is important for children to learn to read and spell. 

A good understanding of the phonetic sounds gives children the confidence for not only identifying the vowels, consonants and syllables, but also to start reading on their own.  Learning the sounds of letters and words through audio-video content, specialised activities and worksheets enables the child grasp the language better and build self-confidence. 

In this module interesting activities and techniques are used to captivate the child. It is important for children to practice the sounds of new words and letters that are taught to them, to explore new words through books and to eventually reach a stage where they can read words they have not come across before, coherently and clearly.

How it Helps?

Enhances Reading Ability
Builds Confidence
Instills Interest in Words and Reading
Develops Vocabulary
Improves Pronunciation

How we Do it?

We start with single letter words and move to blends, teaching the sound of every letter and word relevant to the child’s age.  We expose the child to relevant reading material based on their age.  We give them an array of interesting books to ‘Explore and Read’ while conducting practical sessions, specialised activities, book reviews etc. We often conduct interactive sessions with children book Authors to inspire children and inculcate good reading habits.  

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Parent Speak

I am really happy with the class. Adira has learnt many things. She enjoys thoroghly.  Improved in G.K. and vocabulary. The quiz conducted at the end of session was really good. 

Yashaswini, Pune

Vanishka really loved Cedarwood! Even if she isn't well she insists on coming for her Cedarwood Class - she even remembers which day she has classes. 

Shweta Das, Pune

I am very happy with Cedarwood classes. I really appreciate that you all put so much of energy. 

Reshma Patil, Pune

My daughter, Hea-Yun enjoyed a lot at Cedarwood while we were in Pune for 18 months. She has improved in English speaking and has more confidence than before. I am especially really satisfied with World Around Me, Phonics and Elocution classes. I thank you for all your effort. 

Seonju, S. Korea

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