Grammar Grip & Creative Writing - Junior Level

Grammar Grip and Creative Writing

This module is part of an overall Communication Skills Enhancement program dealing with grammar and written skills for children in the primary school age group.

Young children are naturally creative and curious; however, studies show that creativity in children can decline as early as age five. Helping your child discover a love for creative writing allows them to express their feelings, helps them to clarify their own ideas and beliefs, and discover what they know or think about a topic. It encourages them to think outside the box and gives them an enormous confidence boost. Not only does this improve their communication skills, but also forms the foundation for their academics.

In this module the emphasis lies on improving the child’s overall written grip on language and enhancing the ability to construct better words and longer sentences. Correct Grammar is the basis of mastering a language well. Once a child has a strong grip on the Grammar rules, they can write effectively and with ease, learning to experiment with new words.

The program offers activities to improve the child’s grammar and his ability to use the written word. The course focuses on enhancing written command over language via special Creative Writing techniques. Imaginative techniques help the child frame his creative thoughts into neat, clear sentences.  In this course, we lay the foundations of grammar – i.e. parts of speech, sentence fundamentals, common mistakes in grammar and sentence formation etc.

How it Helps?

  • Stimulates Imagination and Creativity

  • Improves Command over Language

  • Enhances Vocabulary, Spelling and Grammar rules

  • Paragraph and Sentence Formation

  • Child Learns Essay Writing

How we Do it?

Idea Generation and Imagination

Organisation of thoughts

Introduction to different parts of Speech

Proper Grammar usage and Punctuation


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