Elocution, Speech & Drama

Elocution, Speech and Drama

Elocution is the art of learning how to speak correctly and emphasizes correct accent, syntax, pronunciation, tone, and stress. Here we also teach the child how to stand and gesture when speaking to an audience.

This specially designed module blends elocution with speech & drama activities for primary school children – important tools for developing early childhood communication skills. Special activities also accommodate visual, auditory, and hands-on learning.

Early Childhood research shows that children as young as 3 years old start role playing and start understanding the difference between fiction and reality.  By enacting poems and following instructions the young children also develop basic life skills – i.e. listening, verbal communication, respect for others and self-confidence. 

At Cedarwood, carefully designed fun activities and games help children overcome stage fright and build self confidence.  Shared poem reading and recital sessions help develop clear diction, articulation and voice modulation.  At the end of the module, children get an opportunity to perform in front of live audience.   

How it Helps?

Enhanced Verbal and speaking skills 
Develops Expression
Improves Body Language
Builds Self-Confidence and teamwork
Helps overcome stage fright

How we Do it?

Group activities, games and solo performances
Reading exercises and opportunity for stage performance
Training in Voice Projection and Speech Modulation

Improving Pronunciation and Oral Pitch

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Parent Speak

My daughter, Hea-Yun enjoyed a lot at Cedarwood while we were in Pune for 18 months. She has improved in English speaking and has more confidence than before. I am especially really satisfied with World Around Me, Phonics and Elocution classes. I thank you for all your effort. 

Seonju, S. Korea

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