Elocution & Reading Club

Elocution and Reading Club

Elocution and Reading Club is part of the Afterschool Program on Communication Skills Enhancement for children in the primary and pre-primary sections. In this specially formulated module, the emphasis lies on improving the child’s overall verbal communication skill. This is done through developing listening, speaking and reading ability. It involves improvement of oral speech by improving diction & articulation and enhancing word power through a variety of fun based activities.

The program offers activity based learning exercises which include poetry appreciation, control of facial expression, text performance, informal conversations etc. These also help in building self-confidence, an important element of oral communication. Shared reading sessions help the children gain exposure to books, learn about various authors, genres and writing styles.  Through this course, the child will get a greater command over the English language, improve comprehension and speaking skills and develop a healthy diction and most importantly a keen interest in reading.

How it Helps?        

Builds Overall Confidence
Improves Oral Speech
Improves Reading Ability
Increases Vocabulary / Word Power
Improves Comprehension Skills
Helps inculcate the habit of reading

How we Do it?

Training in Voice Projection and Speech Modulation
Improving Pronunciation and Oral Pitch
Enhancing the Child’s Conversation Skill
Precision of Grammar

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Parent Speak

The Cedarwood experience is a breath of fresh air for parents (first) and then children. The entire team is an extended family and they instill values with a lot of positive vibes. They should be more visible in print and social media to help other parents benefit from this great learning experience.

Padma Bhamidiapati, Pune

I appreciate that in 14 weeks I can see many changes in my daughter, Ananya.  She is more confident, competitive etc. I am extremely satisfied.

Raj Lakshami, Pune

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