Drama & Theatre

Research shows that school children participating in Drama & Theatre activities not only develop superior communications skills, self- esteem and self-confidence but also perform better than their peers in language and reading comprehension tests.  Studies have further indicated that participation in drama and theatre improves verbal skills and reading by increasing an understanding of written material and story recall.    

At Cedarwood, the Drama & Theatre module is designed to allow children to be creative and develop a passion for performing arts.  Various group activities, games and challenges help children overcome stage fright and build self confidence. Reading activities help develop clear diction, articulation and voice modulation.  Children learn to work together, build trust, and involve others for a successful performance – the essence of teamwork.  At the end of the module, children are expected to stage a play as part of an annual performance.  Our faculty involves children in choosing the theme, script writing, character reviews and costume designing – leading to engaged students and their active participation.   


How it Helps?

Enhanced Verbal and speaking skills
Develops Expression
Improves Body Language
Builds Self-Confidence and teamwork
Helps overcome stage fright


How we Do it?

Group activities, games and challenges

Reading exercises and various stage performances


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