English Alive - ICSE Syllabus

English Alive Module 


English Alive is designed as an intensive course, over 60 ‘contact-with-teacher’ hours complemented with specific off-class assignments to:

  • Develop comfort with the language, generating confidence in the individual

  • Improve comprehension and communication – spoken & written skills

  • Thoroughly familiarize a student with the textual/syllabus matter to gain confidence

The aim is to make an individual appreciate and use English as an effective tool, for immediate and future usage. In this process, ‘Literature’ is made relevant as a ‘mirror-of-life’ for enhancing understanding, maturity and personality.  ‘Language’, being more individualistic, provides for thinking ability, expression and fluency in writing.  The objective is to make the student self-reliant and confidently answer without resorting to ‘rote learning’.

How it Helps?


·         Teaches Life Skills (Like Respect, Self-confidence etc.)

·         Improves Social Skills

·         Improves Overall Speaking Ability

·         Develops Confidence and Personality

How We Do it?



·         Composition – argumentative, persuasive, narrative, descriptive, picture composition

·         Comprehension Letter Writing – Formal and informal

·         Grammar – from the basics – parts of speech

·         All components of the literature are covered as well


·         Play – Merchant of Venice

·         Prose – Short Stories

·         Poetry

All of the above are done with the objective of understanding the text and answering all type of questions that would appear in the ICSE examination.

This course is taught by Mrs. Sharmishta Guha and will include a Live Class every Saturday from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm supplemented by class assignments, reading material, past papers, model questions and MCQs/tests distributed every week.  The course is geared towards Class IX and X, ICSE Board only.  Admission to this course is strictly based upon an interview / interaction of students and their parents with Mrs. Guha through an interactive session.  Interested parents / students may contact Cedarwood for details. 

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